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Au@2015 and the focus groups conducted for the project provide a rich data source to address a range of issues related to immigration and cultural diversity. What is the extent of division among the Australia born? From the perspective of recent arrivals, how is the immigration program working? What is the indication of pressure points, emerging problems? Is there scope for changes that in the view of immigrants would make a significant difference to their prospects of successful settlement and integration? What are the costs and benefits of current policy settings?

Source: The Scanlon Foundation and available from the link (open access).

Australian crime: Facts & figures: 2014

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“While the volume and rate of individual crime types has fluctuated over the past few years, overall, crime in Australia has been decreasing. Australian Crime: Facts & figures uses information compiled from a broad range of sources to create an accurate and holistic picture of crime and criminal justice issues in Australia. Within this volume are the patterns and trends related to specific crimes, victims, offenders, the location of criminal acts and the operation and cost of the criminal justice system (including the police, courts and prisons). The purpose of this publication is to provide government and justice agencies, the media and the Australian public with accurate, easy to access crime statistics in a single, centralised location.”

Source: Australian Institute of Criminology and available from this link.

Developing a supportive learning environment in a newly formed organisation

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“The aim of this study was to examine the factors that employees perceived were important in creating a supportive learning environment in a recently merged organisation. The study provides rich qualitative data from the employees’ perspective. The study was conducted in a large government-owned organisation in Australia and the sample consisted of 24 recent graduates of leadership development programs.”

Source: Lancaster, S. & Di Milia, L.  (2015). Journal of Workplace Learning, 27(6), and available for AIPM staff and students from this link.

Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy

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“Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy is a Council of Australian Governments document that outlines the current terrorist threat that Australia is facing, and what our governments are doing about it. It focusses on five core elements: challenging violent extremist ideologies, stopping people from becoming terrorists, shaping the global environment to counter terrorism, disrupting terrorist activity within Australia and having effective responses and recovery should an attack occur.”

Source: Council of Australian Governments (2015) and available from this link.

Can enhanced performance management support public sector change?

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Australian study: “The findings of this research demonstrate that adaptability to change is integral for high performance; however, the constant change faced by many public servants is disruptive. The authors posit that applying a performance framework developed by Blackman et al. (2013a, b) to change implementation will help overcome, or at least mitigate, these issues. The authors argue that applying this framework will: enable adaptability to change; and provide an ongoing management function that enables change to occur.”

Source: Buick, F. et al. (2015). Journal of Organizational Change Management, 28/2, and available for AIPM staff and students from this link.