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The Police Response to Mass Demonstrations: Promising Practices and Lessons Learned

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“In the last several years, the nature of mass demonstrations in the United States has changed, including the types of issues protested and people’s means of organizing mass demonstrations. People are often protesting police and police actions in addition to economic or social issues. Many demonstrations are no longer planned by established organizations; rather, demonstrations happen more spontaneously and quickly, as individuals interested in certain issues can easily find each other on social media. Demonstrators can also use cell phones to send live video coverage of demonstrations to viewers around the world.”

Source: Police Executive Research Forum (2018). Available from this link (open access).

Leveson five years on: the effect of the Leveson and Filkin Reports on relations between the Metropolitan Police and the national news media

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“The paper draws on interviews with senior Metropolitan Police officers, press officers and national crime journalists and argues that previous conclusions about asymmetrical relations favouring the police are partially problematic, with the media being in possession of key resources that often give them the upper hand. The paper also explores the role of new media in crime reporting and exposing police misconduct and suggests a new transfiguration may be emerging in police/media relations, allowing the media partially to bypass police sources.”

Source: Colbran, M. P. (2017).  British Journal of Criminology, and available from this link (subscription journal)

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Social media is changing the way society works



Carl Miller, Research Director at the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos speaks about how social media is changing the way society works and the emerging threats to public safety in a digital age.

Source: Miller, C. (2016). Police Foundation (YouTube 23:36) and available from this link (open access).

The end of symbiosis? Australia police–media relations in the digital age

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“As the police move further into areas of traditional journalistic practice, the ‘unhappy marriage’ between the police and the media becomes more complex. To what extent this symbiotic relationship has allowed for transparency has varied over time, subject to political, operational and technological change.”

Source: Ellis, J., & McGovern, A. (2016). Policing and Society, 26/8, and available from this link (subscription journal).

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