Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Policing and Emergency Services)

Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership (Policing and Emergency Services)


Leadership Development Programs

Australia New Zealand Police Leadership Strategy

Balance: Women Leaders in Public Safety

Evolve: Leadership in Complex Environments

Bridging the Gap: from Management to Executive

Developing Future Leaders

Strategic Command Program

Leadership in Counter Terrorism (Regional & Global)

Regional Executive Leadership Program (Indonesia)

Developing Future Leaders



Bespoke & collaborative learning opportunites

The AIPM works in partnership with organisations to build fully customised programs to meet their specific learning needs.

Every program is tailored to optimise learning and maximise the benefits of all aspects of the educational process, from classroom activities to the social and environmental experience.
Our bespoke programs can be:

  • co-branded with your organisation
  • exclusive to a single corporate entity (non-public)
  • delivered at our centre or your workplace, domestically and internationally
  • delivered in languages other than English
  • presented in a wide range of formats, including one-off workshops and retreats
  • focused on anything from a single issue to a general area of capacity

The AIPM is a supplier on the Australian Public Service Commission learning and development panel.