Australia New Zealand Police Leadership Strategy


There are fundamental challenges facing policing organisations driving the need to ensure police leaders are developed to be confident in managing the demands for service and making decisions in high risk environments. In March 2010, the Police Commissioner’s Conference (PCC) resolved to develop and implement a strategy to:

  • develop and manage a talent pool of future executive leaders for Australia and New Zealand law enforcement; and
  • foster a national profession dedicated to ensuring the highest standard of policing.

What is the ANZPLS program?

The ANZPLS is a unique development opportunity to enhance the leadership capabilities of current and future police leaders within Australia and New Zealand. The ANZPLS has been developed by policing jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand, in co-operation with the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) who are also responsible for the coordination of the strategy.

The ANZPLS is conducted over 18 months and is a ‘non-academic’ program designed to develop future police leaders by exposure to a broad range of concepts, people and experiences.

Who should attend

The focus of the development process is on the high performance/high potential members, capable of being senior executives for Australian and New Zealand law enforcement. There are two developmental pathways:

  • Stream 1— development of potential future Deputy Commissioners and Commissioners. Participants range from Chief Superintendent/Commander through to Deputy Commissioner.
  • Stream 2 — development of potential future Assistant Commissioners. Participants range from Inspectors through to Chief Superintendents/Commanders.

There is jurisdictional discretion as to which stream Chief Superintendent/Commanders are enrolled in.


  • Experiential, workplace-based learning using the 70:20:10 framework
  • Challenge of experimenting with leadership approaches
  • Exposure to different leadership theories and styles
  • Guidance from industry-leading influencers
  • Learning from and alongside other executive leaders over an extended period of time


18 months ongoing workplace development
17 days residential program (five residential modules: Learner Development Series)



Delivery Dates

ANZPLS Stream 2 commenced 2017-18

Program Cost

$17,949.00 (includes accommodation, meals and educational resources)

More information

ANZPLS Brochure

t: +61 (0) 2 9934 4805