Leadership in Counter Terrorism

Leadership in Counter Terrorism (LinCT)  was initiated in 2004 as a joint leadership project between a number of law enforcement agencies and academic institutions represented in the ‘Atlantic-rim’ countries. Following the success of the ‘LinCT Atlantic Program’ in 2004 and 2005, the concept expanded and was developed as a strategic partnership between three agencies operating within the Pacific; the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM).

The three focus areas for the LinCT program are leadership, intelligence and counter-terrorism. Accordingly, the presentations and discussions throughout the program are delivered and facilitated by content experts and authorities from law enforcement, government and academia.

Who should attend

Senior law enforcement officials who need a strategic global appreciation of events and intelligence and the ability to contribute locally to the global counter terrorism effort.

  • SES levels
  • EL2

Learning Outcomes

Ability to:

  • analyse trends that influence public safety organisations
  • analyse, anticipate and plan for complex management problems
  • consider parameters for effective processes and performance outcomes
  • formulate corporate improvement strategies
  • develop processes to manage performance and results
  • recommend management decisions in areas such as corporate planning, resource management and public accountability
  • critically examine leadership behaviours and skills required to mobilise others


1 week residential program (AIPM)

1 week residential program (global)

2 day residential



Delivery Dates

19-20 March 2018 (regional)

20-23 March 2018 (2018 cohort – regional)

7-16 May 2018 (global)

5-11 September 2018 (global)

Program Cost

$16,500.00 (includes accommodation, meals and educational resources)

More information


t: +61 (0) 2 9934 4800