JCLEC: Regional Executive Leadership Program

International participants on RELP

Participants from international organisations allow a great opportunity for networking on CT related problems.

The Regional Executive Leadership Program (RELP) is designed to develop a network of senior police leaders within the ASEAN region to cooperatively and collaboratively address regional law enforcement challenges specifically in the area of counter terrorism and transnational crime. RELP is a joint development by the Indonesia National Police (INP), the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM), Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation  (JCLEC), the College of Policing (UK) and Charles Sturt University (CSU).

RELP was developed by the partners to provide an integrated executive leadership training program to law enforcement leaders of ASEAN and partner countries.  It is a specialised program for senior managers and leaders with a focus on the development of leadership skills, law enforcement relationships, innovation, accountability and public policy. The primary purpose of the program is to develop leadership partnerships to effectively counter the threat of terrorism across the region. The curriculum is designed to enhance the research and critical thinking skills of senior leaders.  Participants are exposed to a wide range of new ideas, better-practice methodologies and leadership theories.  The program also focuses on the leadership requirement of policy development and implementation.

RELP Opening Ceremony

2011 RELP Participants and Staff

As the program is conducted in English and all assessment activities are in English, well developed oral and written communication skills are an essential requirement of the participants.  The program is suited to newly appointed or experienced leaders and managers dealing with serious crimes including terrorism and transnational criminal investigation.  It is also a requirement that participants have completed a command or senior officer program within their home country and have a minimum 10 years police service.

Participants are from policing agencies within the Asia Pacific and ASEAN Regions. This includes Indonesia, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Hong Kong , Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Peoples Republic of China, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

The successful completion of the program provides participants with one unit credit towards postgraduate level studies at CSU.

Who should attend

Senior police leaders (EL2 level) within the ASEAN region who work in regional law enforcement, specifically counter terrorism and transnational crime.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of leadership issues
  • Exploration of corporate governance roles and responsibilities
  • Recognition of different leadership styles and behaviours
  • Increased personal effectiveness and ability to build stronger workplace relationships


5 day residential workshop


JCLEC, Semarang, Indonesia

Delivery Dates

8-26 October 2018

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