George Grojnowski 1927-2021

George Grojnowski 1927-2021

Holocaust survivor, Speaker at Sydney Jewish Museum

For more than 10 years our Graduate Certificate participants have been guided through the Sydney Jewish Museum, more often than not, by George Grojnowski.  George was a Holocaust survivor and throughout the tour would share his story of survival and the moments of humanity he believes saved his life.  

"I was absolutely blown away by this session. It will have a profound effect on me for the rest of my life."

Participant comment 

It wasn't until George passed last month that we realised how much we meant to George also.  The AIPM was deeply moved and proud to speak at his service at the request of his family.  AIPM Director, Andy Singh, arrived to a packed room and was told two things, "George loved his family and loved talking to the police at the Sydney Jewish Museum".

On behalf of the AIPM and the police community who gained so much by listening to George's stories, we express our condolences to George's family and friends.

George’s gift to our participants was his deep sense of humanity.

George’s testimony will not be forgotten, and we are all better for this.

You can watch George share one of his stories here.