AFAC Q&A: Katarina Carroll, former QFES Commissioner

AFAC Q&A: Katarina Carroll, former QFES Commissioner

Stuart Ellis, 2019

In this regular series, AFAC CEO Stuart Ellis interviews a senior AFAC leader for each issue of Fire Australia. This issue he caught up with Katarina Carroll, former Commissioner, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

What were your initial impressions on joining Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES)? 

"I originally thought ‘oh my, what have I got myself into?’ – it was a very difficult first couple of months. As an outsider I was not trusted, and I didn’t know who was who. It’s funny – I recall comments made to me that they didn’t mind that I was a woman, but they didn’t like that I was a police officer! I understood why people felt the way they did about my appointment and that it wasn’t just hard for me, it was difficult for the department as well. But after a short time we got past the initial resistance and I saw a wonderful group of people, totally dedicated to their community and serving the public. I learned early on that the organisation was ready for change and I have worked hard at this with them over the past four and a half years, with dramatic results. "

This article first appeared in Fire Australia, Issue 3, 2019.

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