Be intentional about your time off

Be intentional about your time off

Harvard Business Review

Be initentional about your time off

by Laura M. Giurge and Vanessa Bohns | Harvard Business Review

Whether it’s the weekend or an upcoming holiday break, a number of studies have shown that people who set personal goals to achieve during their time off — such as seeing friends, pursuing a hobby, or even organizing a closet — report being happier than those who don’t. The authors suspect the reason this works is because it makes us more intentional about how we will spend our time away from work and not because it allows us to cross things off from yet another to-do list. So even though we might look forward to lying around in our pajamas and doing nothing for a while, setting goals can actually help us recharge and ensure we get the most out of our leisure time. 

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Giurge, L.M. & Bohns, V. (2021) Be intentional about your time off. Harvard Business Review.