Executive Director 2020 Wrap Up

Executive Director 2020 Wrap Up

Executive Director 2020 Wrap Up

This time last year, I wrote “ it’s been a big year for the AIPM”. Little did I know at that point what lay ahead and what a “big year” really was. Of course as you read this we are coming to the end of an extraordinary 2020, one that has tested our policing and public safety agencies in ways not thought possible. Topics such as policing legitimacy, the intersection of law enforcement and public health, remote working and staff mental health have all been redefined, challenging leaders to adapt. From our privileged position “on the balcony” it has been incredible to watch how leaders across the country have met the challenge head on to lead their people and their community through the COVID crisis.

For the AIPM itself the year has also been challenging, though at the same time has offered an opportunity to test new modalities for leadership development. In particular we converted our graduate programs to an exclusively on-line delivery model and we continue to develop our on-line presence, creating learning opportunities for many who could not otherwise have attended the AIPM. At the same time we have worked hard to retain that special AIPM element by providing intensive one to one and one to few real world interactions that can’t be had anywhere else, making the graduate programs a unique learning experience. We will continue to evaluate and evolve in the on-line learning space and will offer on-line graduate programs into 2021 and beyond.

Despite what COVID has opened up for us in the on-line space however, it is evident that there remains a strong demand for the AIPM residential experience. Part of the AIPM’s DNA is its ability create the time and space to think and hold conversations with depth and meaning, and I can think of no other time where this will be more necessary. In the new year, as we emerge from COVID restrictions, the AIPM will offer a learning sanctuary for police and public safety leaders to explore the challenges that were and those still to come. To this end we are firmly on track to be back in full swing at the beginning of the next financial year offering our full suite of leadership development programs through a range of delivery modes.  

Speaking of a learning sanctuary, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and pay respect to the Gamaragal People of the Guringai nation. The land upon which the AIPM sits is called Carrang gel, representing the single rock separated by the spit of sand that attaches it to the mainland. It was and is a special place where Aboriginal people and elders would gather to learn, share stories and speak from the whole heart and it is a great privilege for us to be here upon it doing the same thing. This year we have grown our connection with Gamaragal leaders and moving forward will continue to build our connection to country and to its indigenous history. I personally am committed to exploring how we might work to develop our emerging indigenous leaders across the nations law enforcement and emergency services domain. 

On the international front our Pacific Faculty continues to go from strength to strength, with a blend of on-line learning and in country providers keeping leadership development in the Pacific moving forward. As restrictions ease I expect efforts in the Pacific to increase significantly as we connect with and develop more Pacific leaders. A big thank you to all our friends in the Pacific for your work with us and in your communities throughout 2020. On a global scale we are exploring opportunities and partnerships around the world, prepositioning for the inevitable emergence from COVID. As COVID restrictions abate we will look to create programs and conversations that examine leadership globally and offer access to that learning domain to our Australian State based stakeholders. 

This year also marked the AIPM's 60 year anniversary.  Whilst Covid interrupted our planned celebrations, we were able to mark the occassion with a video tracing the AIPM's history and what the AIPM has meant to the jurisdiciotns and major stakeholders that we serve.  You can view the video here.

In closing I reiterate what a significantly challenging year it has been for police and emergency services and again thank you for all you have done. The AIPM stands with you and looks forward to seeing you back at our place in 2021. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

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Stuart Bartels
Executive Director