Executive Development Strategy 3 - International

Executive Development Strategy 3 - International

AIPM EDS3-International supports the development of better police leaders across a broad range of international police organisations.

AIPM EDS3-International supports police leaders in middle management roles who are increasingly confronted with the growing complexity of the external public safety environment and the increasing complexity of modern police organisations. 

AIPM EDS3-International incorporates ‘Secure Sydney’, a field trip exploring Australia’s approaches to policing and public safety. AIPM EDS3-International draws upon peer experience and shared lessons of change, adaption, success and failure, and is supported by the AIPM Faculty and ANZ
Police Visiting Fellows.

Participants become members of the AIPM Alumni and are encouraged and supported to persue self directed professional learning.

Who should attend

Police middle managers with good english language skills and an appetite for learning and leading new approaches to better policing outcomes.

Program structure

EDS3-International provides a unique development opportunity for police middle managers to build their professional knowledge and their leadership capabilities.

The EDS-International develops better police leaders through the exploration and intertwining of three contemporary narratives. These include:

Modern police organisations

All police organisations draw their roots from a para-military approach to public safety, with various approaches to public legitimacy, political oversight and the authorised use of force. Irrespective of their roots, all modern police organisations are being influenced by the opportunities offered by digital transformation, changing internal demographics, and changing cultural pressures for legitimacy, transparency and inclusion. 

Participants representing a range of international police organisations will have their own experiences of the difficulties of police organisation to maintain the pace of change consistent with changing and sometimes opposing internal, public and political expectations. Collectively, these experiences, along with guidance and input from AIPM facilitators and ANZ police visiting fellows, will help to form new understandings of the modern police organisation and the role of better leadership in ensuring its continuity.

Policing and Security Environments

Building upon the discussion of the modern police organisation, is the parallel discussion of the external environment, the changing context of policing, from public safety to public security. This includes the changing discussion of who is a citizen, who has rights to police services, who has rights to protest and how they can protest, how do we protect the public from cyber-crime, the local community, the global community, the digital community, all infused by politics, priorities and perceptions. Again the collective experiences and perspective of participants, and the input of AIPM facilitators and ANZ police fellows offer a deeper understanding of our changing external environment and how better police leadership could lead to better public outcomes.

Secure Sydney

AIPM’s Secure Sydney examines the ongoing safety of the Australian community in partnership with local and international partners AIPM’s Secure Sydney provides the opportunity to:

  1. Explore the physical domains of criminal threats and police responses
  2. Question the leaders and practitioners of policing and public safety strategies
  3. Understand the complexity of contemporary police approaches
  4. Better identify contemporary policing leadership challenges.

In AIPM’s Secure Sydney, participants are exposed to frontline law enforcement, public safety and regulatory operations and exposes international police to the realities of the Australian policing experience in support of discussions and learnings from the classroom.

  • All nominations need to be supported by their sending police organisation.
  • All nominees need to have business level english language capabilities so as to fully contribute to the program learning.
  • All nominees need to be eligible to travel to Australia, and need to demonstrate appropriate medical insurance.
  • Program prices are exclusive of air and land transport costs.
  • The AIPM offers to work in partnership with the sending police organisation to align AIPM based learning with the sending organisation’s learning strategies.


7 days at the AIPM


Manly (Sydney) Australia

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