Better angels of our nature

Better angels of our nature

Book review

"The better angels of our nature” is a phrase from Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address and was a plea to the American population to avoid what became the American Civil War. At a time when true accountability can hide behind claims of ‘fake news’ and AI algorithms are narrowing the information we receive to only those perspectives that are similar to our own, Steven Pinker is one of several contemporary authors who are using factual data supported by an engaging narrative to demonstrate that the world is a better place than many of us perceive it to be. For police officers, this book is worthy of your attention because, perhaps more than other occupations, our work-based experience can lead to a very distorted view about the goodness of the majority and how much better the world is today than it was.

Review by Bob Fauser, Chief Superintendent – SA Police & AIPM Visiting Fellow 2018.  New book available from AIPM Library on request.



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