Global Attitudes Towards Gender Equality

Global Attitudes Towards Gender Equality

Global Institute for Women's Leadership

A 30 country survey to mark International Women's Day. The findings – which are based on a survey of over 20,000 people, highlight  international attitudes to online harassment and violence or abuse of women, with some considerable differences in how women and men see these issues. A global country average of 55% disagree with the idea that gender inequality doesn’t really exist. Men (21%) are more likely to agree that this is the case than women (14%), and in several countries, the proportion of men who agree is double that for women – including Australia (30% vs 14%), Romania (27% vs 13%) and Russia (30% vs 12%). Across the countries surveyed, a third of men think feminism does more harm than good (32%) and that traditional masculinity is under threat (33%), while a fifth of men (23%) think that feminism has resulted in men losing out in terms of economic or political power or socially – similar to the proportions of British men holding these views.

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Global Institute for Women's Leadership (2022). Global attitudes towards gender equality.