Global Media Project

Global Media Project

University of Sydney

The transformative global events at the turn of the century – the end of the Cold War, 9/11 attacks, post-colonial aftershocks in the Middle East, Africa and Asia and the rise of a new authoritarian populism – all testify to the power of global media. In its multiple and networked forms, global media is no longer a mere conveyor or even catalyst of events; it is a powerful agent in world politics. 

The public commons is increasingly in danger of enclosure, even disappearance by parochial, privatised and polarised media. Getting the facts right or invoking some transcendental truth is no longer sufficient to resolve contradictory stories. Disproving a lie is a start, but it is no substitute for creating a counter-narrative. It falls upon the University, as a relatively independent global institution, to take up the challenge, to inform the public and to engage the experts through global media.

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