Gold standard strategic plans

Gold standard strategic plans

Police Practice and Research

How well do Canadian police services do?

"This paper reports the results of a content analysis of the business/strategic plans of 23 Canadian police services that provide service to 48% of the country’s population. The results indicate that these plans vary considerably with respect to environmental scans; statements of values, vision and mission; descriptions of goals; resources to be applied to goal achievement; and indicators to be used to assess success and inform ameliorate action. The findings also indicate that the plans pay limited attention to statements of strategic purpose and the competitive environments within which these police services operate. These results are considered in light of the potential that well-done strategic planning processes may have for police leaders and oversight bodies as well as for helping police services better meet accountability requirements and stakeholder expectations."

Source: Rogers, Z., McIntyre, M., & Caputo, T. (2019). Police Practice and Research. Read more here and full text for AIPM students.



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