Governance, ethics and leadership in PNG

Governance, ethics and leadership in PNG

Ila Geno

Governance, ethics and leadership in Papua New Guinea – a personal perspective

"A huge challenge for many leaders in our region is how to deal with customs and cultural obligations that sometimes appear to conflict with laws and administrative processes. This is not an easy task, as in many cases traditional values do hinder or stand in the way of progress, development and prosperity. On 16 September 1975, Papua New Guinea became an inde­pendent sovereign state and adopted its national constitution. Most countries in the Pacific have inherited in one way or another systems of government similar to that in force in PNG. I regard PNG as a miracle, with over 800 different peoples and language groups coming together to forge a common identity as defined by the constitution at independence."

Source: Geno, I. (2019). DevPolicy blog and avialbal from this link.