Julie Bishop: women in leadership

Julie Bishop: women in leadership

Institute of Public Administration Australia

Speaking of female leadership, I am a great believer of statistics and evidence to prove that we are achieving our aims or making a difference. The Turnbull government resolved that of the board appointments for which government is responsible, we should have a target of 50% female. I remember the debate very well, “Let’s go for a target of 30%,” and the women in the room, “Really?” 50%, and I’m pleased to say that at last count we were at 42% of all of the board and council positions that the Australian government is responsible for making, are now female. We also have a bit of a competition amongst the ministers. Okay, a big competition amongst the ministers, as to who can meet that target within their portfolio. And Frances Adamson, DFAT, at 50%. Thank you, yup.

Source: Institute of Public Administration Australia and listen to or read the speech here.


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