Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement 2021–2027

Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement 2021–2027

Dept. of the Attorney-General and Justice (NT)

The Northern Territory Government, Aboriginal Territorians, aligned Aboriginal organisations and non-government organisations, will work in partnership to achieve the aims and outcomes of the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement. This agreement outlines the nature of the partnership and the commitments to achieve change. This agreement is founded on strong leadership and shared commitment. Together, we can ensure Aboriginal Territorians in contact with the justice system as victims, offenders, witnesses, and families are treated fairly, respectfully and without discrimination.Together, we can do more to keep our families safe, and support Aboriginal leadership to make our communities strong and resilient. Together, we can do more to keep Aboriginal people out of prison. Together, we can reduce offending and provide alternatives to imprisonment that address the underlying causes of offending. This agreement dictates and demands a transformation in the way justice services are constituted and delivered in the Northern Territory to improve justice outcomes for Aboriginal Territorians.

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Traditional Aboriginal artwork | © Barbara Dieu / Flickr