Public values assessment as a practice

Public values assessment as a practice

 Public Management Review

Integration of evidence and research agenda

Policymakers and public managers need to identify, reflect and decide on public values for given policy issues. This process is defined as public values assessment (PVA). We conduct a systematic literature review on PVA, and employ a Strategy-as-Practice lens to analyse how the activity of PVA takes place in practice. Based on our integration of evidence, we propose a theoretical framework called PVA-as-Practice (PVAP). We conclude by recommending a configuration approach to future public values research to identify the most effective configurations of PVA activities, taking into account the policy issues faced by policymakers and public managers.

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Huijbregts, R., George, B., & Bekkers, V. (2021). Public values assessment as a practice: integration of evidence and research agenda. Public Management Review, 1-20.

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