Quiet leadership

Quiet leadership

Book review

"Having read Quiet Leadership I was struck by both the simplicity with which David Rock tells a story and the significance of the story that he tells. Quiet Leadership gives the reader an opportunity to understand how to get the best out of those for whom we are responsible and also ourselves. The book challenges us to move from the role of problem solver to the role of a leader who challenges others by allowing us to understand our own default behaviours and through this identify and understand the default behaviours of others. Whilst we may think it is easier to just give the answer to the problem, that answer is based on our criteria and is really only suitable for us. This book will open up a new world of thinking about problems, both our own and those of others, in an entirely new light. This is a must read for everyone who wishes to exercise leadership effectively."

Review by Rod Smith, AIPM Director Operations. Book available on request from AIPM Library.

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