Quiet quitting is about managers, not employees

Quiet quitting is about managers, not employees

Zenger/Folkman podcast

Quiet quitting is a new name for behavior that has long existed. Today the term is mainly applied to individuals who reject the idea that work should be a central focus of their life. They resist the expectation of giving their all or putting in extra hours. They say “No” to requests to go beyond what they think should be expected of a person in their position. 

Every employee, every workday, makes a decision. Are they only willing to do the minimum work necessary to keep their job, or are they willing to put 100% of their energy and effort into their work? But as we searched our database to study these quiet quitters within organizations, we found something different at play. In this podcast episode, we’re discussing how quiet quitting is about managers, not employees.

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Photo by Ivan Tsaregorodtsev on Unsplash