Report on Government Services 2019

Report on Government Services 2019

Productivity Commission

The annual Report on Government Services (RoGS) provides information on the equity, effectiveness and efficiency of government services in Australia.

Chapter 6: Police Services.

The focus of performance reporting in this chapter is on police services, covering the operations of the police agencies of each State and Territory government, including the ACT community policing function performed by the Australian Federal Police. Real recurrent expenditure on policing services across Australia was approximately $11.6 billion (or $469.20 per person) in 2017-18. Police agencies employed 74 330 staff in 2017-18 (277 operational and 24 non-operational staff per 100 000 people). Read more here.

Chapter 9: Emergency services for fire and other events. 

Nationally in 2017-18: fire service organisations attended a total of 387 939 emergency incidents, of which 100 227 were fire event incidents, and STES organisations attended a total of 52 310 incidents (excludes Queensland), of which 39 933 were storm and cyclone events total expenditure of fire service organisations was $4.2 billion and of STES was $228.9 million (excluding Western Australia), or $169 and $9 respectively, per person in the population 20 297 full time equivalent (FTE) paid personnel were employed by fire service organisations, of which 77.0 per cent were paid firefighters. A large number of volunteer firefighters (156 319 people) also participated in the delivery of fire services the majority of STES staff were volunteers, with  731 paid staff (excluding Western Australia) and 23 987 volunteers. Read more here.


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