The safe tweet: social media use by Ontario fire services

The safe tweet: social media use by Ontario fire services

International Journal of Emergency Services


"Overall, fire services have adapted in positive ways to technological growth and the use of social media to reach out to the public. By choosing to incorporate social media in supporting public outreach initiatives, fire services in Ontario have evolved and reached out to the public more than ever before. Departments such as Ottawa Fire Services (@OttFire), Toronto Fire Services (@Toronto_Fire) and individual officials such as fire chiefs or other officers have become models in public information and education initiatives via social media. With such a powerful entry into the digital age, fire services have served to evolve previous traditions into new and innovative practices. This paper considers five prominent fire services accounts on Twitter. It offers a unique interpretation of the presence of fire services on social media, and how, as an established community service organisation, they contribute to the promotion and purpose of fire safety and education."

Lauricella, S. & Pankhurst, K.  (2018). International Journal of Emergency Services. Read more here.


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