Support Provided by LGBTI Police Liaison Services

Support Provided by LGBTI Police Liaison Services

Police Quarterly

  An Analysis of a Survey of LGBTIQ People in Australia.

This paper reports the results of a survey of a sample of LGBTIQ community members across two Australian states (Queensland and New South Wales) that explored why LGBTIQ people seek support from LGBTI police liaison officers. An online questionnaire asked LGBTIQ people about their perceptions of, and experiences with, police generally, and LGBTI police liaison officers specifically. Key implications of our findings for policy and practice development in police and LGBTIQ community services are discussed.

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Dwyer, A., Bond, C. E., Ball, M., Lee, M., & Crofts, T. (2021). Support provided by LGBTI Police Liaison Services: An analysis of a survey of LGBTIQ people in Australia. DOI: 10986111211038048.