Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership

Former U.S.A.F. Brigadier General and current Harvard Lecturer, Dr Dana Born, discusses her Authentic Leadership sessions and how they transform your leadership style and your ability to accept and meet new challenges.

“The two most important days of your life are the day you’re born, and the day you figure out why.”

Mark Twain

For Dr Born, authentic leadership allows you to “focus on the distinctive value that you bring to a collective effort to lead change”.

As Dr Born has experienced, the public safety culture can encourage emotions to be removed from the workplace, however, Dr Born belives as emotion is central to who we are and how we naturally react to situations "when we connect the head to the heart we maximise our ability to succeed".

“Focus on your strengths and your weaknesses become irrelevant.”

Peter Drucker

Watch this video from the Harvard National Preparedness Leadership Initiative as Eric McNulty interviews Dana Born about authentic leadership. 

Dr Born is running three Authentic Leadership Workshops in collaboration with ANZSOG  in Australia. AIPM are delighted to be hosting Dr Born's Sydney workshop on September 27-28.

Click here for information on the Authentic Leadership workshop at AIPM in Sydney.

Click here for information on the Melbourne and Perth sessions.

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