A Frontline experience

A Frontline experience

Our Frontline program is a formative experience for new leaders, designed to build confidence and set participants up for success. Last week's program wrapped up with a reflection on what had been learned and gained from the particpant's week at AIPM. AFP's Danielle Moger expressed herself with a poem and we thank her for allowing us to share it.

So here we are, AIPM
All set and good to go
Where will this lead
What will we learn
It’s kind of hard to know

The setting is idyllic
The stuff that's made of dreams
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
We are bursting at the seams

From all around the globe we’ve come
Places near and far
Dreaming of our future
But knowing it’s the bar

It is the art of leadership
That we’re all here to learn
The art of being a Manager
Is none of our concern

We’ve shared our stories
Bared our souls
Beneath the Aussie wattle
For some the challenge lay within
Mastering the AIPM water bottle

We’ve learned about each other
Our diverse and varied roles
We’ve stretched our own perceptions
Of our habits tired and old

We’ve embraced the thoughts of leadership,
Be it technical or adaptive
We’ve all held court at various points
For our audience is captive!

We understand the art of reflection
Definitely a science
But will we all recover from
The dreaded deadly silence

Bob and Kim have led us through
Challenged and engaged us
Made us think and watched us grow
And they will both remind us

That we’re the ones who’ll make the change
What we’ve learnt we will embrace
It’s up to us to leave here now
And make our work a better place

We came as strangers, left as friends
And I can say with no reserve
Thanks to you my new found friends
I know what it means to serve.

Danielle Moger

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