Evolve: Leading in Complex Environments

Evolve: Leading in Complex Environments

Public safety organisations are experiencing unprecedented change and are increasingly requiring more of their leaders. Designed for leaders at every level, this program challenges participants' assumptions about leadership and shapes their ability to create and deliver change.

Who should attend?

Public safety leaders who are ready to become more effective agents of change.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased capacity to diagnose challenges in your organisation and its operating environment.
  • Development of interventions to help others change.
  • Personal capacity to face and overcome resistance while remaining open to others’ perspectives,wisdom and good intentions.
  • A wider professional network with multiple levels of support and influence

“In order to engage in a conversation about leadership, you have to assume you have no power — that you aren’t in charge of anything and that you can’t sanction those who are unwilling to do your bidding. If, given this starting point, you can mobilize others and accomplish amazing things, then you’re a leader. If you can’t, well then you’re a bureaucrat.”

Gary Hamel

What does the program cover?

Evolve explores the following topics and themes through classroom discussions, group projects and individual reflection.

Challenging assumptions
Examine your deeply embedded assumptions about leadership. Consider how your own values, beliefs and behaviours may have been limiting your effectiveness as a leader.

The nature of leadership
Examine the relationship between leadership and authority and explore different ways of exercising influence. Analyse what leadership means in the context of multi-agency, multi-role and multi-jurisdictional perspectives and whole-of-government solutions. Explore the distributed leadership approach.

The nature of change
Examine individual and systemic impacts on change. Consider the evolutionary nature of effective change leadership, as outlined in the diagram below.

Evolving your leadership
Explore a range of leadership strategies and consider new ways of exercising leadership. Confront the risks associated with exercising leadership. Consider how bringing an open mind to a complex environment can help you generate innovative solutions and identify hidden opportunities. Devise new ways of increasing your capacity to meet the many different challenges that will come your way.


The AIPM’s programs are internationally recognised for their effectiveness in developing superior leadership skills that drive organisational performance in the public safety sector.


  • 3.5 day residential program


  • AIPM, Manly, NSW, Australia
  • Regional delivery upon request

More information

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