ANZ Police Leadership Strategy

ANZ Police Leadership Strategy

The strategy is an enduring vision of the police commissioners who recognised the new challenges facing police organisations and the increased needs for leaders who are confident in managing the demands for service delivery and decision making in high risk environments.

Who should attend?

The strategy involves two streams

Stream 1 - potential future Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners
Stream 2 - potential future Assistant Commissioners

Development Outcomes

  • Enhance the talent of senior executive officers to lead the organisation
  • Enhance organisational continuity through succession development
  • Expand individual understanding and practice of contemporary leadership theories and styles
  • Enable senior executives to diagnose more effectively in complex environments
  • Enhance interpersonal relationships among senior executives across organisations
  • Establish a cohort for ongoing executive learning
  • Enhance individual self awareness

“The program exceeded expectations. It is a courageous project, and a courageous curriculum in that there is no curriculum. The participants have to self initiate and self drive how and when development occurs. It epitomises adult learning. People need to take ownership of their own destiny to develop.” 

Stream one participant

How is the program structured?

70:20:10 Learning Framework
The ANZPLS utilises the 70:20:10 learning framework to support participants’ capabilities for ongoing professional development and learning in the workplace. Through the Learning Development Series (LDS) participants explore different learning strategies and tools to be experimented within the workplace.

Over their career, senior executive officers are exposed to a variety of formal knowledge-based programs. The ANZPLS is not one of them. It focuses upon building the capacity of senior officers to grow their personal traits, through learning, exploring and experimenting with executive roles, to be able to achieve (the do) more to create better public safety.

Tacit vs Codified
Everyone loves a good book, but no book has been written to capture the lessons of change which have occurred in the policing environment since the ANZPLS commenced in 2013. Rather, the strategy draws upon the tacit knowledge of participants to create shared knowledge of understanding the past and create new mental models to anticipate and prepare for change as it emerges today.

Time & Space
Senior executive officers rarely have time, but the ANZPLS creates quality, time and space for participants to reflect deeply on their own performance. Over the duration there can be stunning revelations, from one participant who realised they had never made the change in behaviours expected from their current rank, to another participant who realised just how much additional potential they had to give. The ANZPLS is a long deep journey for participants with the will and desire to change and be better prepared for the next level of organisational leadership.

Research & Practitioner Led
AIPM facilitators craft conversations drawing from the latest research and practitioner experience. The safe learning environment creates the freedom to engage in conversations and explore ideas which participants could not have in any other environment. The Chatham House rule applies.

“You don’t just sign up for 18 months, you sign up for the rest of your career”

Stream one participant

Ten pillars of success

Approach: The 70:20:10 places the emphasis of learning back onto the participant.

Time: 18 months seems like a long time, but some of our participants didn’t even get through the strategy before they were promoted into CEO roles. Time is short and there is a lot they can learn.

Plan: Individual Development Plans assist participants draw support from their organisation with other formal and informal development opportunities.

Workshops: Every three months participants return to Manly for the LDS workshops. Some of the best conversations and learning opportunities occur as participants share, diagnose and confer on the challenges of senior executive leadership.

Research: Without a formal curriculum, the strategy challenged expectations of professional development, but behind the scenes some of the latest research in leader development assisted AIPM facilitators in crafting conversations and development interventions which created significant learning for participants.

Sharing: Rarely do senior executive officers get the opportunity to personally and professionally share with their peers. The strategy develops enduring relationships, which two years later we see continuing as self-perpetuating and self-directed learning groups.

Challenging: Senior executive officers are not used to being challenged, not only for what they do, but who they are. But a powerful cohort of peers have the ability to challenge individuals to give more and change more than they ever thought possible.

Connecting: The Manly environment is a great place to learn and a great place to reconnect with those motivators which drive individuals to commit themselves to public safety. Reconnecting and reaffirming senior executives to their purpose prepares participants to be ready for the next step.

Disrupting: No two days are the same and nor is the ANZPLS learning environment. Assumptions, expectations and beliefs are challenged, examined and explored. It’s unpredictable, uncomfortable, disruptive and rewarding.

Tangible: A number of participants of the ANZPLS Stream 1 cohort are now either Commissioners or Chief Executive Officers of public safety organisations. Further participants have been promoted into Deputy Commissioner roles.

ANZPLS is no guarantee of promotion or success — but participants, the AIPM and stakeholders see tangible benefits.

“The changes which occurred are immeasurable. For example they [the participants] are better people, but you can’t measure that type of progress.”

Observation by stakeholder


The AIPM is internationally recognised for developing and delivering highly innovative and challenging educational opportunities for senior executives from police organisations.


  • 5 workshops of the Learning Development Series at the AIPM (totalling 17 days) over 12 - 18 months


  • AIPM, Manly, NSW, Australia

More information

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