Enterprise: Building Organisational Capacity and Capability

Enterprise: Building Organisational Capacity and Capability

Designed to equip public safety executives with the strategic expertise to build capacity and develop capability within their organisations.  This intensive program elevates strategic thinking to meet the challenges for public safety organisations in delivering better public value.

Who should attend?

Executives at SES1 level who are responsible for building strategic capacity and capabilities, including assets, finance, information technology and human resources, within public safety organisations.

Learning outcomes

  • Enhanced understanding for identifying and building strategic capabilities and capacities which align with long term organisational direction
  • Enhanced understanding of the changing parameters for creating strategic public value in public safety
  • Improved knowledge of the drivers of performance management in supporting organisation direction and change
  • Improved capability for managing compliance, portfolio and organisational risk
  • Improved capability for implementing strategic change in complex environments
  • Improved familiarity with the language of finance, compliance, risk and accountability to support better decision making to create enhanced public value

“The skill sets required of police leaders in shaping their organisations today differ greatly from those required 30 years ago.”

Flynn, E. A., & Herrington, V. (2015). Toward a profession of police leadership. US Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice.

What does the program cover?

Roles and Responsibility for the contemporary executive
Public safety leaders are shaped by the operational pathways of their organisations. As they move into executive roles, the complicated day to day operational priorities need to be balanced alongside the complex task of influencing the long term planning, building and alignment of the organisation.

Creating Strategic Public Value
The role of individual organisations in maintaining and creating public value is rapidly evolving through technological, political and societal change. Continuing to hold political and public legitimacy and support requires the proactive management of resources, especially in building the capabilities for tomorrow’s public safety challenges.

Advancing Strategy through Human Resource Management
Today’s recruits will provide the core capabilities for delivering public safety in twenty years. To what extent are we recruiting for the requirements of this new age? Will they have the inherent personal attributes to continue learning and evolving their skills to remain relevant? Do they fit within a reimagined profile of who creates public safety?

Strategic Discontinuity
Technological innovation involves a process of obsolesce and redundancy. Rather than incremental change, technology promises periodic and significant disruption to capabilities and capacity. Strategic alignment to an increasingly disruptive future will require an innovative mindset and a proactive application of risk management.

Developing organisational capability
The ability to anticipate emerging needs and to build resilience extends beyond the capability of employees. It involves a combination of people and systems aligned toward organisational outcomes and priorities. The need to understand which capabilities are critical to organisational performance is essential to responding effectively to the contemporary public safety environment.

How is the program structured?

Enterprise utilizes a blended learning framework including technical presentations, group learning, facilitated workshops, CEO forums and scenario play.

AIPM facilitators
Drawing upon their wealth of experience with leadership programs, workshops and executive meetings, AIPM facilitators explore the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary executive teams and decision making. AIPM facilitators guide, encourage and challenge participants to interrogate their reasoning, identify possible cultural and organisationally inefficient blind spots inherent within the public safety sector.

Industry experts
CEO’s, senior executives, and industry experts are utilized to bring their experience, insight and perspective into the conversations and learnings.

Selective readings
A wealth of curated academic, industry and government reports and resources provide a catalyst for insight into the challenges ahead.

Case studies
Case studies are used within small and large group discussions for examining contemporary tools and processes in order to achieve new insights.

Shared learning
Integrated multi-agency programs allow for the diversity of insight from participants and organisations to become powerful learning experiences and an ongoing networking capability.

The value of time
The residential mode of learning allows time to consider priorities which are all too frequently obscured by the day to day operational priorities of public safety organisations. This was identified by participants as one of the most important aspects of the program.

Learning into practice
The challenge for any developmental opportunity is to encourage changed behaviour in the workplace. Exploring the personal and professional obstacles to this transition is a critical component to the program and its value to the individual.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Creating public value through organisational leadership Identifying organisational capability Improving strategic organisational decision making Aligning organisational finances to public value Exploring organisational cultures and change
Building capability through organisational management Building organisational capability and capacity Improving strategic organisational decision making Navigating success through organisational partnerships Exploring organisational cultures and change
Aligning capability to the changing operating environment Building organisational capability and capacity Building capability and capacity through our people Purposeful strategic communications Exploring organisational cultures and change
Realigning organisational direction Small group learning Building capability and capacity through our people Managing organisational risks Plenary Session


The AIPM is internationally recognised for developing and delivering highly innovative and challenging educational opportunities for senior executives from public safety organisations.


  • 5 day residential program


  • AIPM, Manly, NSW, Australia

More information

e: collaboration@aipm.gov.au
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