Knowledge Workshop - Building Better Public Safety Organisations

Knowledge Workshop - Building Better Public Safety Organisations

Exploring High Performance & High Potential Pathways

This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss and share, compare and consider the emerging experiments in leadership development within public safety organisations. 

These approaches, including high performance and high potential strategies, are at the heart of discussions driving modern organisational improvements.

The aim of this workshop is to further community knowledge and build a network of support across participating organisations.

Private sector organisations have deep experience with high potential acceleration. Public safety agencies have remained largely bound by traditional high performance approaches. However, the challenges of rapid, digital transformation, the increasing complexity of our environment and the  divergent pressures of generational change have brought high potential approaches into the spotlight.

This workshop is supported by the AIPM’s Professor in Residence Professor Deborah Blackman, the ANZPAA’s recent publication, 2018 Future Police Workforce Approaches to Talent Management, and the stories and experiences of our workshop participants.

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1 day workshop - 9.00am - 4.00pm


AIPM, Manly 

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t: +61 2 9934 4800