AIPM Frontline

AIPM Frontline

Developing Future Leaders

Designed for public safety personnel with demonstrated leadership potential, this is an intensive residential program focusing on foundational leadership initiatives and personal growth.

"Fantastic experience! I learned so much about myself as a person and a leader, as well as the attributes I need to develop to continue my leadership journey.  The networking and learning from others in similar roles / positions was invaluable. The presenters were engaging , knowledgeable, helpful and humorous.  I will take away more from this course than I ever imagined I would."

Carolyn Lewis, Australian Federal Police


5-day residential workshop


AIPM, Manly

Delivery dates

23 - 27 September 2019


ANZ Police $4,095 inc GST
Other $4,350 inc GST

More information

t: +61 2 9934 4800