AIPM Future Directions

AIPM Future Directions

Across April and May 2019 a series of meetings with Australian and New Zealand Policing shaped agreement and direction for the Australian Institute of Police Management. These meetings were built upon substantial discussion, consultation and experimentation as to the best approaches for building better police leadership in support of better public safety.

What can ANZ police expect from AIPM’s Future Directions?

Capability - Police leaders continue to be highly regarded in the community, as demonstrated by the high community support for our police organisations. Police leadership as a capability is a conscious and deliberate product of culture, intention and actions of all police organisations, extending from the academy through to the senior executive. The AIPM has recognised the AIPM’s role in both individual leader development and also contributing to collective executive leadership capability.

Continuity –The ANZ Police Leadership Strategy will mature into the Executive Development Strategy (EDS) to provide a better core offering of the AIPM. A collection of short programs (Balance, Frontline, Facilitate, Evolve) will form the Leadership Strategies. The repositioning of AIPM development opportunities will offer greater alignment with individual development need and career progression. The AIPM will also continue with its highly regarded Graduate Education programs.

Choice - The new agreement with ANZ Police organisations will provide greater choice and flexibility as to how the AIPM can support the development of leaders and executive leadership capability within their organisation and within their profession. From individual educational pathways to organisational development initiatives, choice is now available.

Co-Ownership - If design is a bridge between the contemporary and the future, then the AIPM commitment to co-design with ANZ Police is a recognition the road forward is a shared journey. Many of our most successful organisational support initiatives have been co-designed, allowing new practices, insights and emergent knowledge to be incorporated into other AIPM development activities. Learning does not stop at the conclusion of a program; years of experience have lead to the collective realisation that the jurisdictions and AIPM must work closely together on transferring new knowledge and skills into the workplace.

Continuum - If one swallow doesn’t make a summer, one program is never going to make a leader. AIPM Future Directions allows the repositioning of learning opportunities to support the practices of deliberately developmental organisations. As one Assistant Commissioner explained to me the other day - “we start to build our leaders at the academy”. Moving from the episodic development of leaders and leadership to a continuum of opportunity and growth is at the heart of building a professional capability of police leadership.

AIPM Future Directions is probably the most significant readjustment of the coupling between AIPM learning activities and ANZ Policing in twenty years. To achieve Future Directions, the AIPM in partnership with it's ANZ Police and other public safety partners, will be going through a process of uncoupling and recoupling to ensure the agility and alignment we seek from Police in the operational environment exists in the professional development and educational environments as well.