Global Professoriate

Global Professoriate 

Deborah Blackman - Researcher, Human Resources Management, Public Administration - University of NSW- Linkedin 

Robert Breuing - Director, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute - Australian National University  

Nick Crofts - School of Population and Global Health - University of Melbourne- LinkedIn

David Day - Professor of Psychology and Academic Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute - Claremont McKenna College

Jenny Flemming - Head of Department, Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology - University of Southampton

Keith Grint - Professor of Public Leadership - The University of Warwick

Mike Hough - Emeritus Professor, School of Law - University of London

Gloria Laycock - Jill Dando Professor of Crime Science - University College London

Murray Lee - Professor in Criminology - University of Sydney

Jerry Ratcliffe - Professor, Department of Criminal Justice - Temple University

Rick Sarre - Adjunct Professor of Law and Criminal Justice - University of South Australia

Joe Schafer - Associate Dean of Research, College of Public Health and Social Justice - Saint Louis University

Clifford Shearing - Professor Criminology - Universities of Griffith, Cape Town and Montreal

Betsy Stanko - Retired - Head, Evidence and Insight, Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime in London -Misc coalitions, incl. Open University

Catherine Filstad - Professor - Kristiania University College and the Police University College 

Other AIPM Collaborators

Nick Thomson

Garry Cordner