Thinking about Leading with Leading Thinkers

Thinking about Leading with Leading Thinkers

In Conversation with AIPM's Global Professoriate

Thinking about Leading with Leading Thinkers:

In Conversation with AIPM’s Global Professoriate

Over the last decade, the Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM) has welcomed many world-leading academic thinkers through its doors as part of the popular and impactive Professor In Residence Program. Recognising the incredible value that our conversations with individual professors has bought to the AIPM, in 2019 the AIPM created its Global Professoriate. Members of the Professoriate hold full professor roles at world leading universities. They volunteer their time with the AIPM to help us better understand police leadership against the backdrop of academic insights. Representing expertise across a range of disciplines - from economics, to policing, to social policy, to law, to psychology, to organisational systems, to criminology, to public health, and organisational change – AIPM has worked with each bilaterally across a range of learning, teaching, and research initiatives

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If you have a thorny challenge you would like the next Global Professoriate roundtable to consider, or if you would like to know more about the thought leadership work of members, and the AIPM, contact us at

For a list of the member of the Global Professoriate and their areas of expertise click here