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Individual leadership skills

Individual leadership skills

Nearly Twenty Years On

The Canadian Police Executive Community Revisited

The examination of a sample of the new generation of Canadian police executives and a comparison with the first group against the backdrop of 20 years of social change suggests that the second group is better educated and developed as leaders, more confident, better communicators, and more politically astute. They are also more diverse but not nearly enough, although there is a growing number of non-sworn leaders, with potential to change future policing dynamics and culture. 

Learning how to lead police investigations

"The aim of this article was to investigate how police investigation leaders learn leadership and whether the facilitation of learning activities and learning methods might bridge the well-known gap between teaching and learning leadership. Using action research, we constructed an ‘i-leader’ learning pool consisting of police investigation leaders. The pool provided interactive and collaborative learning activities that included reflection, knowledge sharing and social support.