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Police and communities

Police and communities

ANZPAA 2019 Police Conference

The annual ANZPAA Police conference is a 2 day policing conference established by the Police Commissioners of Australia and New Zealand. This year, over 400 leading thinkers, decision-makers and researchers in policing and law enforcement will explore the issues affecting and influencing policing now and into the future.

Three charts on: representation of Australian, New Zealand and Sudan born people in Victorian crime statistics

"One of Victoria’s most senior judges has warned the current media reporting and political rhetoric around crime committed by people from South Sudanese backgrounds in Melbourne is “dangerous” and “skewed”. Interviewed by ABC Four Corners as part of an investigation into the issue, County Court Chief Judge Peter Kidd said there had been an inaccurate portrayal of how much crime is committed by people from the community."

Are police cautions a soft option?

Reoffending among juveniles cautioned or referred to court.

Action Plan: The Way Forward

Modernizing Community Safety in Toronto

This final report brings together all of the work of the Transformational Task Force over the past twelve months. It builds on the recommendations in our June 2016 interim report and has been informed by the input we received during our consultations as well as our ongoing deliberations. 

Source: Toronto Police Service (2017). Read more here.


The impact of organised crime in local communities

The Police Foundation and Perpetuity Research completed a two-year study which focused on understanding the impact of serious organised crime in local communities and how this threat is tackled locally. Some of the most harmful crimes are unacknowledged or not prioritised by the police due to low levels of reporting and the limitations of data collected on such crime. We developed a narrative for organised crime that is rooted at the local level, with a view to recommending local solutions to improving understanding and reducing these harms.