Australian Institute of Police Management

Systems thinking

Systems thinking

Scenarios for 2030 report

The APS Imagining the Future project commissioned the Boston Consulting Group to look at the megatrends with the biggest impact on the Australian public service and use those trends to develop possible future scenarios.

The 4 possible futures developed by the Boston Consulting Group are:

Getting the Work Done

What Government Innovation Really Looks Like

Evidence Based Policy Research Project

Evidence-based policy making is a phrase everyone likes to use with no agreed standard of what it actually is. If we can have parties agree some basic standards in the policy process, then we are one step closer to being able to make more widely trusted decisions at all levels of government.

Making sense of complexity

Graphic recorder, Sarah Firth, creates a visual interpretation of the concept of complexity. "As individuals, communities, societies, organisations and sectors we only have partial understandings of systems.And how we believe systems should work and how they actually work are drastically different."

Source: Firth, S. ExtraNewsFeed. Read more here.