Our research

Our research

Research at AIPM is undertaken to contribute to the understanding of the unique challenges faced by the public safety sector. 

Research projects

Organisational justice: leadership, culture and workplace wellness.

Investigators: Victoria Herrington, Professor Mike Hough, Professor Karl Roberts.

Police leader perceptions of leadership.

Investigators: Victoria Herrington plus drawing on input from a co-author in parts of the write up as detailed below.

In their words: Understanding the reality of command

Investigators: Victoria Herrington, Warwick Jones

Police Command: A Systematic review of the research literature

Investigators: Abby McLeod and Victoria Herrington

Special Edition on Strategic Command – Policing (Oxford)

Investigators: Victoria Herrington

Diversity in policing

Investigators: Abby McLeod

Evaluating evaluation

Investigators: Victoria Herrington