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Learning Partners

Visiting Fellows

In 2019 our Visiting Fellows are drawn from the Australian Federal Police, NSW Police, Queensland Police, South Australia Police, Victoria Police, Western Australia Police and Hong Kong Police, see more about our Visiting Fellows below.


Rob Critchlow

Rob graduated from the NSW Police Force Academy in 1990 and was stationed at Waverley Police Station. Rob then performed duties in Highway Patrol, Beats, General Duties and Criminal Investigation. In1999 Rob was seconded to the elite National Crime Authority, beginning a career in Major Crime investigation that continued with the State Crime Command in the Asian, Drug and Gangs Squads.

He was promoted to Detective Inspector at the Asian Crime Squad leading complex investigations targeting drug importation, supply and manufacture as well as extortions and money laundering. He was then seconded to Police Corporate Services to implement the NSW State Plan, develop organisational crime reduction policy and manage projects for the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner. He was the Acting Commander of the Governance Unit, overseeing accountability panels for the executive and field commanders. He also provided high level briefings to the Minister of the day on Alcohol Related Crime and other public safety issues.

Rob was promoted to Superintendent in 2012 to his first command at the North Shore Local Area Command (LAC) and after a major reform and modernisation of that station transferred to The Hills LAC in 2013. He has been the police sponsor for the prevention of abuse of older persons and is a vigorous advocate for the rights of victims, including survivors of institutional child sexual abuse and domestic violence. He is committed to his community and has received a number of awards for community contribution including a Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship, Hills Council Australia Day Award and was a nominee for the NSW Justice Medal. Rob is a White Ribbon Ambassador.

Rob was awarded a Master of Public Administration from Sydney University and Master of Management and Leadership and Bachelor of Policing (Investigations) from Charles Sturt University. He is a co-author of a paper on the abuse of older people published in the journal Emergency Medicine Australasia and has published another piece in the Elder Law Journal of Western Sydney University. He was a casual lecturer at Macquarie University, teaching organised crime on the Master of Security Studies and Criminology program. He is an experienced forward commander at major sporting events including the Cricket World Cup and is a trained counter terrorism forward commander.

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Bob Fauser

Bob joined South Australia Police as a 17 year old in 1980. He spent the next 17 years in uniform operations in both city and country postings. In 2000 Bob was promoted to a Senior Sergeant position in the then new intelligence function established under the Focus 21 reforms that included the concept of ‘intelligence led policing’.

Bob was promoted to Inspector in 2004 and as a result of working on a small project team that developed and implemented the Emergency Management Act (SA)2004 Bob was seconded to the Department of Premier and Cabinet for two years developing and implementing multi-agency emergency management arrangements in light of the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

When Bob returned to SAPOL he remained in a counter-terrorism, emergency management role, firstly as the OC Security Intelligence Section and then OC Emergency and Major Events Section.

From these central support areas Bob was promoted to a Local Service Area Commander role in country South Australia. Bob acknowledges that this was perhaps the steepest part of his management and leadership learning curve.

In 2009, Bob was promoted into the role of OC Centre for Leader Development. Bob was responsible for promotional programs to Superintendent rank. It was in this role that Bob developed a deep interest in the study of crisis decision making particularly in a command and control context. This interest was driven in part by his participation in the AIPM Graduate Diploma program. After four years, Bob was transferred to the Branch responsible for the S.A. Police centralised road policing resources.

In 2015, Bob was promoted to Chief Superintendent where he was initially the Coordinator for Operations Support Service and was then moved to lead the implementation of an organisational reform program.

Bob holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master in Leadership and Management (Policing).

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Brad Sorrell

Brad joined the Western Australia Police Force in September 1987. His introduction to policing involved duties associated with some of Western Australia’s most notorious criminals involved in the Fremantle Prison riots.

In 1992, he transferred to Carnarvon, 900km north of Perth and experienced all facets of policing including serious crime and emergency management. After several years of metropolitan policing he resumed Regional Western Australia (RWA) duties as Officer in Charge (OIC) of Dalwallinu Police. In 2001, he transferred to Newman in the desert region of Western Australia and performed the role of Acting Senior Sergeant in the wake of the air tragedy that killed four police officers.

Following the RWA theme he transferred to Broome as the Operations Manager and was involved in emergency management duties and servicing remote indigenous communities. After 12 months Brad was appointed OIC of Harvey Police Station located in the south west of the state where he served three years. Throughout this period of his career he became interested in academic development and participated in business studies with Edith Cowan University.

In 2007, he was awarded the Commissioners Medal for Excellence in recognition of his leadership abilities. Brad received his Commission to the rank of Inspector in 2009 and served at that rank in Bunbury and South East Metropolitan Districts. During this period he attended the 122nd PMDP at AIPM attaining a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Policing and Emergency Services).

In December 2012, Brad was promoted to the rank of Superintendent in charge of Community Engagement Division. Over the past six years he has been in charge of the South Metropolitan and South East Metropolitan Districts, with significant leadership roles in two Agency restructures. In 2014, he was awarded the Graduate Diploma of Executive Leadership (Policing and Emergency Services) at the AIPM.

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Paul Morris APM

Paul Morris is a Detective Superintendent in the Australian Federal Police (AFP) with 36 years policing experience in local, national and international law enforcement, predominantly on investigations relating to organised crime and national security.

He was deployed for nine years within the Australian Federal Police International Network with a strategic focus on building strong collaborative and cooperative relationships with a diverse range of international law enforcement agencies across the UK and Europe. During these deployments he was based within the Australian High Commission in London and the Australian Embassy, The Hague, Netherlands.

Paul was deployed with the first United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in East Timor between June and September 1999. He also served in the United Nations Peacekeeping missions in Cyprus 1996-97, Mozambique 1994 and Cambodia 1992-93.

After joining the AFP in January 1983, Paul performed various uniform policing roles in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) including highway patrol, general duties, search and rescue and specialist operations (police tactical team). In 1986, Paul was transferred to the ACT Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) where he performed duties in all squads including the inaugural major crime squad tasked with the investigation into the murder of AFP Assistant Commissioner Colin Winchester.

Paul holds a Graduate Certificate in Police Management from Charles Sturt University, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Management from the Australian Institute of Police Management, is a Graduate of the Leadership in Counter Terrorism (Pacific) Program and a Graduate from the 45th Management of Serious Crime Course (Terrorism).

Paul was awarded the Australian Police Medal (APM) on the 17th July 2015 in recognition of his distinguished service and in particular his management and coordination of the Australian police response to the downing of flight MH17 over the Eastern Ukraine. Paul has also been awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal, National Police Service Medal, National Medal for Service (35 years), AFP Service Medal (35 years), AFP Operations Medal, United Nations Peace Keeping Medals for East Timor, Cyprus, Mozambique and Cambodia. He has a commissioners group citation for excellence in overseas service, two distinguished service commendations, two conspicuous service commendations and was awarded the Commonwealth Group Bravery Citation for his actions in East Timor in 1999.

Paul is a rugby enthusiast and represented Australia at both Schoolboy and under 21 level, he now enjoys cycling (because he can’t run anymore), travelling, reading, motorcycles and enjoying a nice glass of wine or single malt and spending time with family and friends.

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