Movember and how to avoid being “Frozen”

Movember and how to avoid being “Frozen”

Jim Clements

And no this has nothing to do with Elsa, Oleg, Disney or dreadful karaoke…

This is an extension of my occasional blogging and part of a Movember series that I’ve started at work, linking change leadership to stress management and improving personal well-being, so please cascade to your friends, peers or colleagues as appropriate.

Last week at work I shared and introduced some of my colleagues to the ‘Fisher’ change curve and today I’d like to take 2 minutes of your time and provide a break to your commute or a coffee moment in order to consider what happens when we get stuck before we even start off on a particular change journey. 

And you never know this might just be the trigger that saves someone’s life!

The techie bit

For those interested in the theory and background, this bit is based on the work of Edgar Schein in the 1990’s, on the essential components required for successful transformation.  I’m not going to go into this in detail other than call out the 3 key factors that MUST be present for the change to be sustainable and successful.  These are:

1.    There must be a compelling vision

2.    There must be a clear path for how to get there and

3.    There must be ‘dissatisfaction with the status quo’

If any are missing, then the likelihood of adoption and implementation are significantly reduced.

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