Global Professoriate

Global Professoriate zoom meeting

The AIPM holds the view that many of the challenges faced by policing today are similar across the globe. In fact in this ever shrinking world, issues on one side of the planet are often directly felt in another. It was a great pleasure therefore for myself and members of the AIPM faculty to recently connect with our esteemed Global Professoriate (GP).

The GP is a group of leading edge academics from around the world, and the intent of the group is to leverage its combined capabilities to provide sense-making, meaning-making and advice that can be translated to police leaders as they tackle emergent issues.

Held over two sessions, these GP discussions were the first small step in an ambitious AIPM “Thought Leadership” initiative, designed to convert global research and knowledge into the “so what” for ANZ police and public safety leadership. Many of those leaders are already turning their minds to the challenges they, their organisations and the community will face beyond the COVID crisis and accordingly that was the central theme of the discussions.

A range of topics emerged for further exploration, including police legitimacy, resilience in all its guises, officer and staff mental health, the policing of diverse communities, the separation of powers - and more.

Thanks to all involved. The wonders of technology make this work possible but not without the commitment to come together at all hours of the day and night across various time zones.

Postscript: The "Most Committed" award goes to #Joe Schaefer, who joined a session from the U.S at 3.30am!