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18 January 2019

From Ebola and Zika to city violence and party drugs

New research paper, published by the Lancet, out today by AIPM's Victoria Herrington, Auke van Dijk, Nick Crofts, Robert Breunig, Scott Burris, Helen Sullivan, John Middleton, Susan Sherman, Nicholas Thomson

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26 November 2018

Vanuatu Middle Managers Program

AIPM was tasked by the police force in Vanuatu to develop a leadership program for their middle managers.

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12 September 2018

Wicked Problems with Keith Grint

Watch this video of Keith Grint speaking at the 2013 Management and Leadership Conference in Titanic Belfast

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10 September 2018

A Frontline experience

Last week's Frontline program wrapped up with a reflection on what had been learned and gained from the particpant's week at AIPM. 

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29 August 2018

Authentic Leadership

Former U.S. Brigadier General and current Harvard Lecturer, Dr Dana Born, discusses her Authentic Leadership sessions and how they will transform your leadership style and your ability to accept and meet new challenges.

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27 August 2018

The 2018 International Association of Women Police Conference

The International Association of Women Police Conference is underway in Calgary where AIPM's Abby McLeod and Angela Workman-Stark are presenting their research and experiences in diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality.

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11 July 2018

11th International Conference on Evidence Based Policing Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge

AIPM Deputy Director, Amanda McCormick, is currently at Cambridge University for the 11th International Conference on Evidence Based Policing. This year the university’s Institute of Criminology, in association with the Society for Evidence Based Policing, are discussing the theme “Transforming Police Outcomes With Research”.

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28 June 2018

21st INTERPOL Police Training Symposium

This week our Deputy Director, Amanda McCormick, was in Asan, South Korea at the 21st INTERPOL Police Training Symposium. Fantastic to see over 50 countries represented discussing issues such as “Law Enforcement Education as a System”.

The INTERPOL Police Training Symposium is one of the world’s leading law enforcement training events.

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21 June 2018

Upcoming programs 2018-19

Our programs cover all stages of the continuous professional development journey – from those aspiring to leadership roles to seasoned executives within public safety and law enforcement organisations. We understand the challenges of the law enforcement and public safety environment and the organisational capabilities needed to succeed in today’s fast changing landscape. This allows us to deliver programs that produce more effective individuals, better organisations and a broader knowledge of the profession.

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01 March 2018

Diversity and inclusion in Australian policing : Where are we at and where should we go?

Public Safety Leadership: Research Focus 
Author: Dr Abby McLeod

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