International Training & Assessment

International Training & Assessment

The International Training and Assessment Program is an accredited technical, vocational education and training (TVET) program. This program provides participants with the skills to train and assess learners within their own organisations.

Participants will build confidence and capacity to make reasonable judgements when providing training, including adjusting teaching materials and learning techniques to meet the needs of the learners. Participants will also develop the skills necessary to deliver competency-based training and assessment, including participation in validation assessments.

Program Pre-requisites

Participants will be required to complete an English Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment prior to commencing the program. Participants should have 6 months or more of supervisory experience prior to attending this program.


Participants will be required to have access to a laptop or large device (iPad or similar) and appropriate internet connection.



12 units delivered over a 6 month period



More information

t: +61 2 9934 4800