ANZPAA 2019 Police Conference

ANZPAA 2019 Police Conference

ANZPAA Police Conference 2019 is the only conference designed by police for police.

The annual ANZPAA Police conference is a 2 day policing conference established by the Police Commissioners of Australia and New Zealand. This year, over 400 leading thinkers, decision-makers and researchers in policing and law enforcement will explore the issues affecting and influencing policing now and into the future.

The 2019 program

“For the first time, you will hear from MICROSOFT, the global computer giant, about how digital transformation can help law enforcement agencies at the frontline. We will also bring you face to face with AMAZON, the largest multinational technology company focused on e-commerce, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, to discuss their insights into service delivery in rapidly changing environments.”

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ANZPAA Police Conference is open to invited guests and registered delegates, ensuring the people you meet are the people you need to—other professionals and leaders in the law enforcement community.

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When and where

17-18 July 2019 Melbourne

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