Bespoke services

Bespoke services

Bespoke and collaborative learning opportunities

The AIPM works in partnership with organisations to support their change processes with fully customised programs to meet their specific learning needs.

Every program is tailored to optimise learning and maximise the benefits of all aspects of the process, from classroom activities to the social and environmental experience. They can be:

  • co-branded with your organisation
  • exclusive to a single organisation or cluster of organisations
  • delivered at our campus or your workplace, across Australia or internationally
  • delivered in languages other than English
  • presented in a wide range of formats, including one-off workshops and retreats
  • supported by our AIPM Online e-learning capability
  • focused on any topic, from a single issue to a general area of capacity

Our campus in Manly is among the best police educational facilities in the world but, as our delivery philosophy matches our leadership philosophy of being adaptable and committed, we also deliver programs across the world in venues ranging from 5-star hotels to abandoned churches. 

Partner organisations

Organisations navigating complex change using AIPM programs such as ‘Leading Change’, ‘Frontline’, ‘Facilitate’ and ‘Balance’ include:

  • Australian Federal Police
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation — National Executive Institute
  • Fire & Rescue NSW
  • NSW State Emergency Services
  • Ministry of Public Security, China
  • Nossell Institute, University of Melbourne
  • Queensland Police Service
  • Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary
  • Royal Solomon Islands Police Force
  • South Australia Police
  • Victoria Police

The AIPM is a supplier on the Australian Public Service Commission learning and development panel.

“First-class program facilitated by one of the most insightful leadership practitioners I have been exposed to.”

Executive Meeting Facilitation

Many organisations are now using AIPM facilitators to bring real time reflection and learning into their executive meetings. AIPM facilitators are skilled in identifying the right questions to create better understanding and movement on difficult issues. The AIPM benefits from observing and interacting with the contemporary executive challenges, thus creating new learning which informs many of our programs and other development opportunities.

Leading Change Workshop

This award winning workshop was designed to support rapid and effective change within public safety organisations, especially where an overall organisational change is not present. The focus of the workshops is on generating engagement and momentum from the base of an organisation, along with encouragement and alignment from senior officers. We may not know where we are going, but we know we can not stay here.

Organisational Development

The AIPM is a valued partner for many organisations considering, designing or implementing significant organisational change. Our partnership roles include research, advice, consultation as well as design and delivery. Our experience in working with so many public safety organisations helps to create new perspectives of understanding and opportunity for organisations facing complex cultural and structural change.

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