Security & Health Executive Leadership Institute (SAHELI)

Security & Health Executive Leadership Institute (SAHELI)

Emerging Threats at the Intersection of Security and Health

SAHELI is an annual national platform for current and emerging leaders from crosssectoral organisations to network, learn, discuss and broaden their leadership capabilities across complex issues. SAHELI is a unique opportunity for leaders to build capabilities and capacity in preparation for responding to emerging crises which span inter-agency, inter-government boundaries.

SAHELI provides an opportunity to explore the implications for cross-sectoral operational planning and response as issues swing between the imperatives of homeland security, law enforcement, public safety and public health.

SAHELI 2019 will draw upon contemporary subject matter and case studies. Since the 2018 program, the following issues fall within the SAHELI definition of intersectional complexity:

  • 2019 North Queensland floods
  • 2018-19 Music Festival season
  • 2018 Food Tampering crisis (Strawberries)
  • 2018 Mental health – terrorism intersection
  • 2018-19 Mental health – migration intersection

SAHELI 2019 is designed to foster collaborative leadership development, communication skills and crosssector networking towards the development and application of cross-agency interoperability. Exploring the multiple dimensions of crises such as pandemics, cross-border migration, natural and manmade disasters bring participants into a learning space where they can experiment with the transition from a single-agency to multi-sector approaches.

SAHELI is a world-class learning and professional development experience for participants from across agencies operating within the Australian security, health and civil society spaces. This year’s residential four-day course held at the AIPM will provide the opportunity for participants to examine emerging threats at the intersection of security and health, and to explore their potential role in the management of complexity across key sectors.

SAHELI draws on high-level and engaging speakers to provide enhanced understandings and expanded dialogue between senior leadership and policymakers across Australian agencies.

Security and Health Executive Leadership Institute (SAHELI)
Building collaborative leadership across complexity

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Services, The University of Melbourne


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AIPM, Manly

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