AIPM Self Directed Learning

AIPM Self Directed Learning

Learning Vision

The AIPM Self Directed Learning Pathway (SDLP) is a journey designed for learners who would like to choose what they learn, how it can be learned and how to evaluate their own progress, allowing them to extend their professional knowledge with further research and study.

The mastery of professional knowledge has long been recognised as an attribute of leadership legitimacy and authenticity. Leaders who have pursued external self directed learning are often better equipped to identify and influence change within an organisational system.

The Ten Steps

One – Self

Identify an area of enquiry for professional development and identify your own knowledge gaps.

Two – Organisation

Identify how your organisation or profession would value from your increased mastery of this area of enquiry.

Three - Context

Identify the historical and changing boundaries of the professional / academic discussion relating to this area of enquiry.

Four – Experts

Identify the contemporary experts in this field.

Five – Design

Design a research collection and collation plan.

Six – Collect

Activate an online contemporary knowledge information feed.

Seven – Clarify

Create blocks of understanding, identifying importance and relationships between knowledge.

Eight – Challenge

Map the original premise of the area of enquiry and the progression of ideas over time. How does this progression continue to create new knowledge and perspectives.

Nine - Describe & Share

Prepare written (articles), presentations (conferences), demonstrations (TED talks) to articulate your understanding of the area of enquiry, its major narratives and arguments, and its possible impacts on your organisation.

Ten – Reflect

Review your personal learning journey, consider the personal and professional benefits, how can you encourage others to do the same.

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