Valuing different shades of blue

Valuing different shades of blue

Dr Victoria Herrington and Abbey McLeod

From diversity to inclusion and the challenge of harnessing difference

Abby McLeod, Victoria Herrington
International Journal of Emergency Services
Vol. 6 No. 3, 2017

A multitude of challenges face the contemporary police organisation and its leaders, all of which are likely to increase in the future. Unlike their historical predecessors, today’s police chiefs – be they in the developed or developing world – are required to navigate an increasingly sophisticated law enforcement environment, characterised by rapidly changing technology and global criminal alliances.

Organisations must work co-operatively with a wide range of stakeholders and must be open to harnessing the expertise of both internal and external resources in order to keep abreast (or indeed ahead) of contemporary public safety challenges.

Communities are demanding a new type of police force. Gone are the days of the “thin blue line”. Today’s heterogeneous communities demand a voice, consultation and legitimacy from and of their police services. Automatic deference to power is on the wane in liberal western democracies, such that even those equipped with official appointments and uniforms, find themselves unable to rely on the command and control certainty of the past to get the job done.

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DOI 10.1108/IJES-04-2017-0021

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