AIPM Balance

AIPM Balance

AIPM Balance enhances the skills and knowledge of women in public safety, building their influence and responsibility to support better organisational performance.

AIPM Balance has been a foundational development and professional networking opportunity since its inception in 2015. Drawing upon the key successful elements of Balance – effective development, professional networking and real time workplace application, AIPM Balance is now offered in two formats, as a one week residential or the flexibility with the an online delivery option.

"I have attended leadership courses previously but nothing as thought-provoking, transformative and practical (skills to use) as this course.​"

Balance Online participant

Who should attend?

This program is best suited to participants within the range of Snr. Sergeant (APS6) and Inspector (EL1). Mentors and syndicate leaders will be drawn from high ranks and levels of experience.

Participant Journey Map

AIPM Balance builds a layered learning approach, moving from self-paced learning into the one week residential or hosted online intensive where learning occurs in the large networked cohort, within small syndicate cohorts and with the program delivery team.

Program Design

The program is designed in three parts:

Self-paced learning – individual participants are introduced to a number of key Balance concepts with a specific focus on real time workplace application and reflective learning.

Residential or hosted online intensive – individuals and syndicate come together for a week (five consecutive days) of collective learning. Moving between different layers of personal, professional, syndicate and cohort learning, participants are introduced to, and experiment with, many of the core learning concepts within the Balance program. 

Reflection and reconnection – participants have the opportunity to reconnect and share their learning experience within the large networked cohort and the small syndicate cohorts.

"The external presenters brought a lot of value to the program with such an expansive range of experience, concepts and learnings. It was so valuable to receive them in the one program.​"

Balance Online participant

Program Delivery Team

AIPM Balance is managed by the AIPM delivery team, supported by a professional cohort of mentors, many of whom are graduates of previous Balance programs. It will be supported by subject matter experts in gender, diversity and leadership.

AIPM Balance will also seek access to notable female public leaders.

Learning Environment

AIPM Balance Online is designed as an immersive learning experience. Participants will need time and space away from their normal working environment during the one week hosted online intensive and the one day cohort reconnection.

To be successful participants will need to be fully committed and present in support of individual and collective learning.

Balance Online Technology Requirements

Participants will need to access the Intensive and Reconnection sessions with camera and microphone capabilities using the platforms Zoom and Teams.

Balance Online Reviews

In early 2021 we launched Balance Online - read what participnts had to say here.

Key dates

Balance 1 - Residential
Starts: Week commencing 12 September 2022
Residential: 21-25 November 2022

Balance 2 - Online
Starts: Week commencing 12 December 2022
Online intensive: 6-10 March 2023

Balance 3 - Residential
Starts: Week commencing 20 February 2023
Residential: 1-5 May 2023


$4,750 (ANZ Police)
$5,225 (Multi-Agency)

$3,000 (ANZ Police)
$3,300 (Multi-Agency)

"I felt safe learning and exploring the learnings from the course with a bunch of wonderful talented and intelligent women and our mentor was amazingly supportive.​"

Balance Online participant


The Balance program has received several honours, including the awards; ‘Excellence in Law Enforcement for Women Initiative 2017’ from the Australasian Council of Women and Policing Award’s and the Silver award at the Queensland Police Commissioner’s awards; and as finalists for the ‘Dame Quentin Bryce Award for Gender Equity in the Workplace’ from the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and the Performance award from the Queensland Premier’s Award for Excellence, in 2016.


10 weeks



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