A busy month for AIPM's Pacific Faculty of Policing.  This month the team were in Papua New Guinea and Fiji

Papua New Guinea Officer Cadet Program

In the leadup to ANZAC Day on Thursday, the AIPM pays homage to our Australian Defence Force Service personnel, our veteran community and the families who support them.

AIPM Visiting fellow, Dr Cheryl Brown, reflects on the importance of constantly refreshing crisis frameworks as part of everyday business.

The paper asks the reader to accept the premise that workplace factors are a significant contributor to mental health outcomes. In policing, research shows that organisational and operational factors are causing two to three times the harm when compared with wellbeing outcomes that are related directly to trauma experiences.

After serving 5 Executive Directors, 49 Police Commissioners and too many guests to count, the face of the AIPM, Jen Hawthorn, has decided to retire after 28 years

The AIPM holds the view that many of the challenges faced by policing today are similar across the globe. In fact in this ever shrinking world, issues on one side of the planet are often directly felt in another.